Sustainability Policy

We promote sustainability through our brands, building an excellent working environment of diversity and inclusion, transparent communication with our customers, efficient management of natural resources, encouraging our suppliers to adopt best practices and private social investment focused on promoting longevity and quality of life.

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Awards and Recognitions

In September, Prezunic obtained its Customer Experience Certification, a national recognition granted by consultancy firm SoluCX to companies that achieved the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS). In addition to this achievement, Cencosud won its fourth consecutive “Company that Gives Press Release – 3rd Quarter 2023 Feedback” seal, granted by the Gupy platform. These distinctions reflect the Company’s ongoing commitment to excellence in customer service and consistent practice of providing a unique and satisfying experience.


Cencosud Sustainability Institute

Seeking to further consolidate Cencosud Brasil’s ESG initiatives, another step was taken with the creation of an identity to represent this progress: the Corporate Institute. Previously known as the GBarbosa Institute, it has been renamed to Cencosud Sustainability Institute and gained national coverage. It is now the socio-environmental responsibility arm of Grupo Cencosud in Brazil, covering the GBarbosa, Bretas, Prezunic, Mercantil Atacado, Perini, Spid, and GIGA Atacado brands.
During the third quarter, the Institute had 2,473 participants, recording an excellent growth of 61.6% compared to 3Q22. The initiatives were expanded to four additional stores, doubling the scope in relation to the previous year. The activities promoted by the Institute included Functional Training workshops and Fit Dance, among others, in addition to carrying out donation campaigns, pet adoption fairs, physiotherapy services, and educational lectures on Violence against Women and Yellow September.

Solidarity Change

Through this program, customers and employees can donate their spare change in cash and contribute to activities carried out by social institutions in the locations where we operate.

Diversity and Inclusion

Women in leadership positions reached 33.8%, increasing by 0.8 pp compared to 3Q22.
In September, we celebrated the launch of Cenco Mulheres (Cenco Women), an innovative female
leadership mentoring program, with the exclusive participation of 18 mentors and 18 mentees.
We also continued to promote the inclusion of black or brown people in leadership roles, reaching
62.4% of our total staff.
It is also worth highlighting that 19.6% of our employees are aged 50 years
or older, increasing by 1.7 pp from 3Q22.
These results show our commitment to promoting an inclusive culture and providing equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of their age, gender, or ethnic-racial background.


Traceability of Fresh Produce

The RAMA program (Fresh Produce Traceability) aims to understand the origin and path taken by food, have more information about the production process of foods, make purchasing decisions based on secure information, and contribute to conscious consumption.
The program maintained a compliance rate of 76.5% in 3Q23, in line with the same period of the previous year. The focus on ensuring the safety and quality of food, through a continuous process of product traceability and monitoring, is part of the Company’s ESG strategy.

Friendly Bread (Pão Amigo)

In August 2023, GBarbosa began selling the “Pão Amigo” initiative. Each unit purchased of this product allocates a portion of the value to support the projects of the Association for Assistance to Disabled Children (AACD). This partnership offers customers the opportunity to directly contribute to important social causes through their conscious consumption choices.

Cage-free chicken eggs

We encourage our suppliers to adopt cage-free egg production to support us in meeting our commitments on this subject, which are:
– 100% eggs of own brands from free chickens by 2025.
– All eggs sold in our stores are from free chickens by 2028.

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Commitment to Sustainable Meat Purchasing

We prioritize purchasing experiences aligned with social demands, promoting relationships of trust, transparency and sustainability in the meat supply chain.

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ESG Indicators

3Q23 3Q22 Δ % 9H23 9H22 Δ %
Life Project (YouTube chanel)
Subscribers (ths) 60,6 58,8 3,0% 60,6 58,8 3,0%
Views (ths) 35,1 31,7 -0,9% 100,5 133,8 -24,9%
Cencosud Institute            
# participants 2.473 1.530 61,6% 6.230 4.148 50,2%
# stores 4 2 100,0% 6 2 200,0%
Solidarity Tips (R$ thousand donated) 9,5 11,4 -16,4% 27,8 46,3 -40,0%
% of employees over 50 years old 19,6% 17,9% 1,7 p.p. 19,6% 17,9% 1,7 p.p.
# young pprentices 545 549 -0,7% 545 549 -0,7%
% of employees with a disability 5,1% 5,2% -0,1 p.p. 5,1% 5,2% -0,1 p.p.
Inclusion of Gender and Race            
% of women in the total workforce 49,5% 50,0% -0,5 p.p. 49,5% 50,0% -0,5 p.p.
% of women in leadership positions 33,8% 33,0% 0,8 p.p. 33,8% 33,0% 0,8 p.p.
% of blacks (blacks or browns) in total workforce 62,0% 63,8% -1,8 p.p. 62,0% 63,8% -1,8 p.p.
% of blacks (blacks or browns) in leadership positions 62,4% 62,7% -0,3 p.p. 62,4% 62,7% -0,3 p.p.
FLV Traceability  (% compliance) 76,5% 77,0%      -0,5 p.p. 76,5% 77,0%      -0,5 p.p.
Recycling of waste from own operation (tons)
tons 1.968 2.214 -11,1% 5.948 6.880 -13,5%
% of total waste 49,1% 30,5% 18,6 p.p. 49,1% 30,9% 18,2 p.p.
Customer waste recycling            
Voluntary Delivery Point for Lamps (tons) 1,1 0,7 57,1% 2,9 3,3 -12,1%
Point of Voluntary Delivery of Glass Bottles (tons) 20,9 100,0% 32,0 100,0%
Returnable Bags (thousand units) 179,8 192,2 -6,5% 537,4 620,6 -13,4%
Free market renewable energy            
MWh 44.230 43.114 2,6% 143.767 90.800 4,4%
% of total energy 87,7% 70,8% 16,9 p.p. 80,4% 69,9% 9,6 p.p.
Energy Efficiency Initiatives            
Lamps LED (% of coverage) 57,2% 55,7% 1,5 p.p. 57,2% 50,6% 1,5 p.p.
Plugins Refrigerated Displays (% of coverage) 97,6% 97,5% 0,1 p.p. 97,6% 97,5% 0,1 p.p.
Refrigerated Displays with Glass enclosure (% of coverage) 62,0% 61,1% 0,9 p.p. 62,0% 58,9% 0,9 p.p.
Food donations to charities            
Tns donated 57,0 39,4 44,7% 196,4 119,8 63,9%
# donor stores 46,0 28,0 64,3% 51,0 51,0 0,0%
R$ ths donated 747,6 468,8 59,50% 1.839,90 876,2 110,00%