Our History

Cencosud started as a self-service market in 1963 and today it is one of the largest retailers of Latin America. Present in Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Brazil, in addition to a commercial office in China, the group brings together supermarkets, home centers, department stores, financial services and shopping centers, all with great prestige and recognition in the markets where they operate. Cencosud has six brands and one financial service business in Brazil. Learn more about each one of them:


Founded in Sergipe, in 1955, GBarbosa is one of the major supermarket chains of the Northeast since 2007, and becomes part of Cencosud Brazil. With stores in the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Pernambuco and Sergipe, in addition to pharmacies and electro-shows, the chain has a team of employees dedicated to providing quality service, a mix of food and non-food items, including bazaars and appliances.

Mercantil Atacado (Cash & Carry)

From a small commerce of personal hygiene items, in 1961, Mercantil Rodrigues became an important Cash & Carry in Salvador/BA. After joining Cencosud Brazil, in 2007, it expanded its operations in the capital of Bahia, inaugurated stores in Lauro de Freitas, Juazeiro and Feira de Santana, and its first store in Aracaju/SE. Its employees work to ensure the chain’s commitment to offering low wholesale prices with the convenience and services of retail, large stores, a varied mix and special payment conditions by credit card. As of 2022, it changed its name to Mercantil Atacado as a brand, reinforcing its positioning in the cash & carry market.


Created in 1954, in the countryside of the state of Minas Gerais, Bretas was acquired by Cencosud Brazil in 2010. The group has Retail, Cash & Carry and gas stations in the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais. It has consolidated itself as one of the main supermarket chains in the region by offering quality, variety, and low prices, with a mix of food and non-food items (bazaar, beverages, Hygiene, Perfumery, Cleaning and electronic items).


Founded in 1964 as a bakery, Perini has grown to become a chain of delicatessens in Salvador, with the differential being its own-manufactured products. It joined Cencosud Brazil in 2010 and, since then, has continued to invest in stores and teams aiming at the best customer experience. Its mix includes breads, sweets, salty snacks, domestic and imported items, cold cuts, groceries and beverages.


What was once a proposal focused on greengrocers evolved into a supermarket chain with stores in the center and metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. With the differential of caring for people, being recognized for its friendly service and special attention to its people, Prezunic has been part of Cencosud since 2012 and always seeks to innovate and offer differentiated shopping experiences to customers, with great campaigns and in-store actions.


With the purpose of serving customers who need to do quick shopping, the Cencosud group launched Spid, its new banner designed to deliver supermarket convenience products to the doorstep in 35 minutes. The service in Brazil will initially operate in Rio de Janeiro with the convenience, quality and speed that customers desire.

Giga Atacado

The first GIGA Atacado store was born in 2009, in the Limão neighborhood, in São Paulo, with the mission of bringing quality products at low prices and a differentiated experience in the cash & carry model. The chain expanded its operations in the state and, in July 2022, became part of Cencosud Brasil, officially marking the group’s entry into one of the largest markets in South America.

Financial Services – Cencosud Card

It all started with the Credi-Hiper GBarbosa card still in 1982, during the family management of the chain. Over the years, the credit card was modernized and consolidated as the GBarbosa Card in 2003. After joining Cencosud with the acquisition of GBarbosa in 2007, it adopted the name Cencosud Card and expanded its acceptance beyond the original chain, including Bretas and Mercantil Rodrigues. Through it, customers have exclusive discounts, differentiated payment terms and several services, such as insurance and installment of bills.