Mission, Vision and Values

Our Manifesto

Here, the idea of being part of so many people’s lives, every day, energizes us. And believe: The daily desire that mobilizes us is to dedicate our best to our customers and build an even more sustainable company.

Quality, freshness, charming service, and fair price are challenges that energize us body and soul. We are a company of people who understand people. We do everything we can to make our customers feel at home when they are with us.

For us, serving is an honor, with people willing to learn and grow together with the company. We continuously improve what we do and the results we produce. We are prepared for challenges with a posture of tireless persistence.

We perform in various corners, with different faces and accents. We are a unique corporation of people with multiple stories and many dreams to fulfill.

We are Cencosud Brazil!

Our purpose is:

Passion for serving you, your way.

Our values are: